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The property was originally owned by a Mine Manager who worked at Western Deep and it was a fully operational equestrian estate. There are six fully equipped stables with a tack room and four paddocks. Currently there are no horses on the property although we wish to keep the original structures intact.

self catering near cradle of humankind
the tree in joan road


At the front gate there is a strangeness of an Australian Eucalyptus Tree that grows in the middle of the road. The tale is that the previous owner’s wife loved trees and when the municipality came to construct the road and cut down the tree – for obvious safety reasons – she tied herself to the tree and threatened that they would have to move her first. This happened on numerous occasions with the Municipality eventually abandoning their efforts. So, the tree still stands.

Please be cautious when entering Joan Road because cyclists often frequent the gravel roads and sometimes come down with high speed. Also take care when entering the N14 main road as this is the main route to Botswana and has become very busy.


We are animal lovers and have 3 lovely cats and our German Shepherd Ata. We also encourage the many bird species visiting the property. A spotted eagle-own makes regular visits and can be heard at night and in the early morning. Despite being one of the smaller eagle-owl species, the Spotted Eagle Owl has an impressive one metre wingspan. The facial disk is whitish to pale ochre and the eyes are yellow. The Spotted Eagle Owl is mostly nocturnal, but sometimes active before sunset. When roosting in trees, the owl will usually sit close to the trunk with feather compressed and ear-tufts erected. Paired birds sometimes roost together, engaging in billing and mutual preening.

owl near lanseria
just roses garden centre


There are several flower farms in our surrounds which are protected by the mountain belonging to the Pratley family (founders of Pratley Glue) The biggest international flower exporter farm was Honeystone Farms opposite the church. This is a direct translation from Heuning – honey and Klip -stone. The farm was owned by the Kiewiet family and very successful. They sold the farm, and it has since changed ownership twice. The first buyer unfortunately went into liquidation and was unable to pay the +/- 100 employees their pension benefit. The employees took issue saying that some of them had lived there for 30 years and if the pension payments were not made, they would destroy the farm and continue to live on the land. This is the debacle facing the current owner who has been to court numerous times and the outcome remains unresolved. Unfortunately, therefore some of the area looks degraded.

Some rose farms include Just Roses Garden Centre, Anro Floral Farm and Rudi’s Roses.